Argan Oil for Cosmetic Uses

Argan Fruit and Oil

Argan Oil is Referred to as Liquid Gold

People conscious about skin care have been looking for the latest and best organic products to help them maintain healthy skin. One of the more popular products in the market at the moment is Argan oil.

What is Argan oil?

This oil is extracted from the nuts found in the fruit of 150-year old Argan trees in Morocco. The nuts are picked off from droppings of mountain goats that climb the tree to eat the fruit.

The oil is also known as “liquid gold” due to its color, rarity, and natural benefits. It has high content of vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acid. All these nutrients have led scientists to believe that the oil can medicate various skin conditions.

Uses for your skin

Below are the different skin problems that can be used with this oil:

Acne buildup is caused by dirt and oil. The nutrients contained in Argan soothes and heals the skin, as well as prevent aggravation. Also, unlike most natural oils, it is non-greasy and is perfect to be applied to acne-prone areas of your body. To apply, place a few drop of  oil on infected parts of your body with acne and gently rub using your fingers.

Dry skin
Argan oil gets absorbed by your skin easily, which is ideal to be used as a moisturizer. Rub a few drops of oil with your hands and apply them to your face and body to give your skin that natural glow and keeps your skin from
getting dry.

Dry and frizzy hair
Liberally apply your hair with the oil and use it as you would a hair conditioner to untangle split ends and frizzy hair. You can also use the oil to make your hair shinier and softer after taking a bath – apply the oil on your hand and run it through your hair before combing. You can also get shampoo and conditioner with Argan Oil in them.

If you burned your skin or have wounds, the oil can help soothe the pain. Applying this oil on affected areas can also keep the skin from getting dry, thus hastening the healing process

Stretch marks caused by pregnancy
Mothers will have to deal with these marks during and after pregnancy, which may affect their self-esteem. To counter, they can apply the oil on stretch marks, as well as saggy and dry skin. The high vitamin E content of this oil helps make skin much more elastic to accommodate their growing tummy.

If you haven’t tried out this wonderful oil, then it’s high time that you should! You may be able to find it at local stores, or you can certainly find in for sale on Amazon. When buying, however, be wary of the fake oils sold in the market.